Hand Cleancer 1 lt

New Hand Cleancer 1 lt
Brand: Lakme Cosmetics SL
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Hydroalcoholic, hand cleanser solutions

  • Cleans, protects and hydrates skin.
  • Fast absorption.
  • No rinsing necessary.
  • No sticky.
  • Sustainable formula. Natural origin index: 91%.
  • Dermatologically tested

ACTIVE  ctivos

  • Hydroalcoholic solution with 77% vol./alcohol of natural origin.
  • Effective skin hygiene. Microbiological protection*.
  • Moisturizing complex of glycerin, aloe vera and Betafin® (betaine extracted from sustainable crops of sugar).
  • Anti-irritant properties for sensitive skins.
  • Soft, protected and hydrated hands.

* Standard UN EN 13727:2015


  • Safe product. Guarantee of safety and efficacy against COVID-19.
  • These products contain 77% vol./alcohol and comply with the formulas proposed by the WHO
  • ffering all guarantees of safety and efficacy for the protection of the population against the transmission of COVID-19 as a hand hygiene measure.

GEL. Apply a walnut-size amount, rubbing it on palms, back of hands, and between fingers until completely absorbed. 
Do not rinse